The Pyrenees 2010: Day 3

Torla – Goriz

We woke up at 7.30, packed our stuff and made breakfast outside the refuge. Our plan was to take a bus to the parking lot were the canyon Ordesa national park starts. But it turned out that the bus stop was not in use anymore. We hitchhiked instead.


Waiting for a car

A car stopped with three women, they recognized us from the bar the night before. They took us to the entrance to Ordessa. We started walking for about two hours on a road going upwards before we came to the parking lot some buses passed us but they didn’t stop. We were at the parking lot around lunch and we bought an ice cream Magnum Gold. We started out by walking quite fast, there were mainly forest in the beginning but after a while we passed some wonderful waterfalls.


Anna in the canyon and in the forest looking down at the river


Waterfall in Ordessa

After about two hours we were really hungry and sat down on a rock and had lunch.


Drinking fresh water

After lunch the forest became less dense and the canyon more visible. Very beautiful! We saw a lot of flowers and we saw one Lis des Pyrenées a flower we’d looked for, but without success, on our walk the year before.


Lis des Pyrénées (finally!)

We came to the end of the canyon late in the afternoon, we sat down by the river, enjoyed the view discussed if we should put up a tent, or continue, which meant climbing for another 1,5 hour.


Ordesa National Park

We decided to continue even if we were really tired. It was hard, but somehow we always find the energy when we have made a decision, the beautiful view in the mountains is always refreshing and here it was incredible beautiful!


Climbing up to Goriz

Allmost at the top, looking down in to the valley of Ordesa

We arrived at Refugio Goriz (2200 m) around seven.


Outside Refuge Goriz

We started to cook dinner but it didn’t go very well, it turned out our stew was broken. We were tired and hungry and after a couple of hours of struggling we borrowed a stove from some people. We made some Thai stew with couscous and ate dinner at ten o’clock.


Anna trying to cook

Because there were no free beds for us we’d put up our tent outside the refuge.


Our tarp-tent in the sunset

After dinner we had a glass of wine at the refuge before we went to sleep.