HRP – Plans for 2022

I (Anna) decided a couple of month ago to take up my old plan, a plan I had before the Covid-19 virus came in to our lives, to finally do a longer hike in the Pyrenees. I will be following the trail HRP, which frankly follows the higher parts of the mountain range and the border between France and Spain. I will start at Hendaye by Atlantic sea and walk Banyuls-sur-Mer at the Mediterranean Sea. The trail is about 800 km long and it will take me about 45-50 days for me to complete, the guidebook says about 44 days but that is without any zero days. I do like the idea to have time to take a day of if the weather is really bad as I will be hiking in the higher parts this could be very wise. And as I have the time I don’t mind staying longer in the mountains, enjoying the views, looking at birds and flowers, or eating more mountain cheese. The goal now is to start in mid August and walk to the end of September.

I am now adjusting my packing list, trying to make it as light as possible. My base weight is at the moment about 6 kg (without consumable and the clothes I will be wearing). Idle weight would be 5 kg. But as I wish to bring by iPad for reading and making sketches and my camera this might not be possible for me to archive.

Foggy morning from an earlier hike in the Pyrenees in 2019.

Soon I will start to dry some food that I will bring with me and send to some pickup points. I will also stop at some refuges and villages for dinner and lunch but always nice to bring some of your own food as you will have the freedom to do some wild camping along the way.