Day 43: 18 July, l’Arpont to Refuge de plan Sec

The night past well, our temporary home had given us a dry shelter and a good night sleep. Even though Christer wished he had a warmer sleeping bag.

The weather was still a bit unstable.

We packed our things and climbed out. We walked for about half an hour before making breakfast. Other hikers past us. We recognized some of them from the refuge de l’Arpont.

All of us had great energy and where enjoying the walk, mostly through terrace paths, not much climbing and with great views. The whole day was above 2000. The weather made us move fast with just one break to have lunch.

The landscape changed between green and more soft to more stony and rough, Dolomite like.

We arrived early  to the Refuge de Plan Sec at 13.00. We had a cold ”shower” and made some lunch in the kitchen, omelet and soup.

We had a nice and relaxed afternoon in front of the warm fireplace in the restaurant, had some wine and wrote on our blog.

At 19.00 it was time for dinner. A couple from Israel joined us, Omri and Orit. We had a nice evening with them talking about hiking, traveling and a lot more.

Finally some dessert! (Creme brûlée on fire!)