The Pyrenees 2010: Day 4


We woke up early and decided to stay one extra night at Goriz, it was a very special place to be and we decided to take a walk to Breach Roland. We ate our breakfast and packed one backpack with things we needed for the day. 98-365 It felt nice but strange not to carry so much on your back.


Good morning Goriz

The sun was shining and we followed a path through a valley with grass and rocks with a lot of marmots.


A marmot

At some places we had to walk on snow, here and there it was a bit scary as the snow was melting and we didn’t know if it would hold our weight.


We took a lunch break close to Gruta Casteret. We had a great view over the deep valley and down below we could see a big group of Isards walking around. Two Dutch hikers came down from Brech Roland, we recognized them as they had their tent next to ours the night before, they had decided to turn back since there was too much snow up at the Brech Roland, this made us rethink and instead stay a bit longer where we were.

After the lovely lunch with bread and canned octopus, we laid down in the sun, took and nap and wrote in our travel journals. We stayed for a few hours; it was nice to take it slow, for a change.


We took a nice and slow walk back to Goriz. We didn’t see as many marmoths on the way back and we where thinking they probably had taken a siesta.


Looking at Breach Roland

Back at the refuge we took a really cold shower, the refuges at remote places usually have simple facilities as you can’t come there with a car, only by foot, dunkey or helicopter.


We sat down outside of the refuge and drank a beer. 156-215.80 It was a nice place to sit and look at all the other hikers and the beautiful view. For dinner they served us a rice soup, meat with celery and mashed potatoes and for dessert a pudding with biscuit. It tasted good.


Anna about to climb up to her bed.

After nine o’clock we went to bed. This night we got a bed inside the refuge in a small dorm with 30-40 beds in three etages, we got our beds on the top. A bit scary to climb up.