Day 9: 14 June Giromagny to Montbéliard

We walked about 19 km to Chalonvillars it was mostly flat, forest and small villages, we only climbed up for about 230 m and came to a top with a good view in different directions.

Looking back to the Vosges mountains.

Some of the animals we met on the way

When we reached the village Chalonvillars it was really hot and our feet was hurting bad. We decided to hitchhike to Belfort a city 3 km away. A nice lady picked us up. At the station in Belfort we met the two hiking men we had met in Bonhomme, they were on their way home. They were Just as dirty and malplace as we. We took the train to Hericourt, walked for about one km to the center. We looked for a place to stay and found out there were no hotels in this city at all, they had all closed down. Quite depressing. My (Ýrr) feet were in a really bad shape, I had bad blisters all over, the heat vas killing my feets.  We had to walk back back to the station, with me suffering, and took the train to Montbélliard and found a hotel.  We finished the day by drinking a glas of Gewurztraminer from  Alsace. Good end!