Day 10: 15 June, Montbéliard to St-Hyppolyte

We ate fancy breakfast at the Hotel before we went to the tourist office to check for a bus to St-Hyppolyte, were the Jura mountains start. It turned out there was no suitable bus on Saturdays. We decided to hitchhike. It didn’t take very long before a young girl in a small old Peugeot stopped and took us some kilometres in the right direction.  We put up our thumbs again and another young girl in a old small peugeot picked us up and took us the whole way. This country seems filled with gentlewomen!

On our way to St Hyppolite in a small Peugeot, with a driving gentlewoman.

St Hyppolite

We stayed at the camping in St Hyppolite. We used the facilities since we arrived early and washed our cloths in a washing machine. We cooked delicious pasta and had a glass of Chardoney from The Jura mountains. For desert crème caramel.