Day 8: 13 June, Gazon Vert to Giromagny

The sun was shinining and we had an early breakfast, Yrr made scramble egg on the egg powder, it tasted like the hotel version. 

We packed our things, when we where all most finished we got company, a group of men came up to work on the refuge, building toilet etc. They where really friendly and curious about us. 

We took of, we had to go back a bit to come to the trail. 

The path was narrow and steep on one side. You could sometimes look down at a small lake. But the best view for the day was the skyline behind the lake, there we could see the alps and the Jura mountains. It was a really nice feeling, and it gave us so much energy, that we are actually on our way to thoose mountains.

We had a great walk this day, it was our last day in the Vosges mountains. It was a bit tiring in the end of the hike as we where walking down and it was a very warm. We entering Giromagny and found a village that seemed a bit sad. They had closed down the campsite, the tourist office and there was all most no place to stay at. The people we met seemed a bit sad about the change in the village.

Outside of the closed tourist office some people where playing boule. One of them was very helpful and took us to a place to stay. A very kind french speaking heavy talking women took care of us and showed us our rooms, we got one each and a kitchen and a living room, a whole house actually.

Later in the evening the weather changed drastically from sun to to rain and heavy wind. We where happy to be inside to night.