Day 2: August 14th: From Vallée d’Estaube to Lac de Barroude

Early morning in the valley Vallée d’Estaubé.

As yesterday was a bit to warm for hiking we decided to get an early start to enable the ability to be slower in the afternoon. The early morning are the best, to see the sunrise, enjoy the stillness, the light and see how life in the mountains slowly wakes up.

A beautiful and rather long and hot day. We miss calculated the water, the water sources before the lakes had dried out (Ruisseau d’Aguillous). So the last part was a bit tough as it was damned hot and we had nearly no water left for the last hour.

Amazing view just before arriving to the lakes, Lacs de Barroude (2373m).
Finally water! Christer heading down to the Lacs de Barroude (2373m). Popular place for fishing and pitching a tent. We found a free spot just at the lake, windy but nice.