Day 3: August 15th: From Lac de Barroude to Urdiceto power station

We went up with the sunrise, on the otherside of the lake there was already some people fishing.

Early morning, Christer at Lac de Barroude
Early cold morning at Lac de Barroude. Christer packing down the tent.
Port de Barroude
Up at the Port de Barroude (2549 m) there is a flat plateau, even more windy
The village Parzan
Entering the village Parzan to do some resupply.

On our way down to Parzan the sun started to warm us up and soon it was too hot again. The last part before reaching Parzan we have to follow a rather busy road for some kilometers. In Parzan we could do some resupply and we took the opportunity to eat some heavy food, (food that is too heavy to carry such as canned clams, fresh fruit and vegetable etc). We had a really lovely lunch in a not so lovely spot, at the parking area, right outside of the supermarket. But at least we got some shadow.

Sunny dirt road from Parzan
From Parzan we hiked for a very long time on a dirt road (felt like for ever) during the hottest time of the day. We had to follow the dirtroad for about 11 km.

As we slowly slowly made our way up in the heat we met two really nice persons, Ally, from Irland and Christoffer from France. We had some nice breaks with them in the shadows. Both of them had been out hiking for a while, doing a mix of many different trails.

Tent spot for the night at Urdiceto power station
Christer and I decided to stop for the night, at Urdiceto power station. We had both hoped for a refreshing bath but in the lake there were too many dead trees so there where no space for a swim.