Dag 1: August 13th: From Gavarnie to Vallée d’Estaube

It was raining when we left Tarbes with the bus to Gavarnie. But as further up we came the clouds slowly disappeared. I was super excited, finally I was back where I left off last year and so glad Christer could come along for the first 10 days of my last part of HRP.

We did some last shopping in Gavarnie of some bread and cheese, at about 12.30 we were ready to leave.

We had a really hot first climb, still enjoyable and beautiful with several good opportunities to stop for a short break to enjoy the views, for instance looking back at Gavarnie and Breacha de Roland.

Christer at the Hourquette d’Alans, taking a last look at Breacha de Roland and before descending down to Vallée d’Estaubé.

We found a nice campsite close to a stream in the Vallée d’Estaubé.