Day 11: 16 June, St-Hippolyte to Fesserviller

We woke up at six, made breakfast. The tent was really wet, the night had been very moistened.


We left the village on the north side walking above it for a while. We past a big giant stone that was dripping, like a giant slimy melting troll.



We walked through a lot of fields with cows and came to the village Courtefontaine, we sat down at the restaurant to drink some sparkling water. As our company we had some nice locals, a women, who spoke some english, and two men. One of them was her father and she told us that she was visiting him for family Sunday dinner.


We continued. It started to be very hot! We walked upwards, changing between forest and fields with cows and had lunch under a tree looking back over the valley.



The last part was tough as it was very hot, we arrived to Fessevillers around three, a small village with a nice unstaffed Gite. At first we had the place for our selfs. We did our routines, washed our clothes, dried the tent, took a shower, prepared the food for dinner and made some planing.



I did some improvement on my back pack and Yrr made a nice dinner for us.

We sat outside of the house. We drank some left overs wine and thanked our self for carrying the left overs from the night before.



Later two young biking guys arrived. They had biked 70 km and one of them where really tired.


We made some hot chocolate and went to bed early.