Day 23: 28 June, Chalets de Bise to Les Crottes

We had some breakfast, a lady from the farm came up and asked if we wanted some milk, real milk for your muesli and oatmeal is an offer you can’t refuse. We also bought some nice cheese from her.

Another hiker came and got some breakfast. He was from Finland and his name was Antti and he was also following the Gr5 to Nice but he had just started at the lake Geneva.

The day started with a nice but heavy climb. On the top, at Pas de la Bosse at 1816 meters a mountain runner past us. We continue down to the village La Chapel d’Abondance. We managed to reach the food store just before the siesta, we bought some nuts, biscuits and bread. We sat down with Antti and had some lunch together. It was nice to exchange some hiking experience with him.

We continued and soon we started to climb up in to the forest. It felt heavy as we where tired from our long walk from the day before.

We passed a nice waterfall. When we came out of the woods we found a small house, closed but it was a perfect place to camp, there was water and the ground was flat. We all decided to stay the night there.

We made dinner, vegetarian cakes of celery, zucchini, the lentil pâté and egg powder. We boiled some rice and made coconut sauce with it. It tasted great!

We all went to bed early, as it was a bit chilly.