HRP 2022

Down below you read about my HRP hike in the Pyrenees. My plan was to complete the 800 km in one go but for familiy resons I desided to end in Gavarnie, I walked about 268 km in total. I will return and continue my hike another time.

I did really enjoy the hike, the begining was a bit to hot for my taste, about 35 C, but it got better as soon I came higher and higher up. During my hike I learn to know several really nice people who also were following the same trail. HRP is never marked and there excist different variant. I followed the route described in the Ciceron guidebook, Pyrenean Haute Route by Rom Marten. You will need proper maps and trail description if you wish to follow HRP, a navigation app is also something I recommend. You can stay at refugios all most every night if you wish but I wouldn’t hike HRP without a tent. It gives you much more freedom and also for safy resons, I wild camped most of the nights.