Day 4: Långfjället

Early morning

Early morning

Christer had a really hard night, his hurting leg had kept him awake. The few pain killers we had brought with us was almost finished and we realized that we might have to end our hike earlier than planed. We decided to turn back north and walk up on the ridge of Långfjället and not continue further south as we had planned. We thought it would be good idea to be closer to the car if Christer leg wouldn’t become better.

The climb up (Långfjället)

The climb up (Långfjället)

We packed and started to climb up the Långfjället from the south east side. The weather was cloudy and we had some small showers on our way up. We where lucky, it would have been hard to climb in the sun.

At the top of Långfjället

Christet the top of Långfjället

After about a hour climb we reach the top, 1211 meter. We had a great 380 view. We continued following the ridge, we had a fantastic walk up there. We took our time, Christers leg was quite ok as long he was walking but a lot of pain as soon as we sat down. We had some lunch, again some left overs with some bread. It was such a nice place to be at as you had nice views every where around you.

Christer with a reindeer horn

After the top 1016 we started to look for a way down on the east side. Most places was very steep but in the end we did find a way down. The west side seemed a lot easier but that would mean a longer way back to the car.

The view up on the ridge of Långfjället

Up on the ridge of Långfjället

We came down to a lake. It started to get windy, we started to look for a calm place to set up our tent. By the stream at the north side of the lake we found it. We made dinner, dried reindeer meat with mushroom, cream and with some rose-hip sherry. It was delicious. The wind was still hard and we went in to the tent for some shelter.

Anna cooking dinner outside of the tent