Day 26: September 4: Refuge de Mariailles to Maison Forestière de l’Estanyol

Early morning, Bert walking on a stoney path in the mountains
Early morning on our way to climb up to Pic du Carnigou
Mountain valley
Looking down at the valley and the path we have just followed
Spiky mountain ridge
Almost at the top of the Pic du Carnigou
Me at the top of Pic du Carnigou, holding a cross with two yellow and red flags and with beutiful mountains in the back
Happy, I made it to the top of Pic du Carnigou. It was a demanding climb, also grateful that I had Bert as a company and support during the climb.
A black bird in the sky preparing to land on the top of the mountain
Great 360° view at the top
Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är IMG_1959-1024x768.jpg
View from Pic du Carnigou
We could see the Mediterranean Sea from the top.
Bert at the top of Pic du Carnigou, waving at me
Time to say goodbye to Bert, he has been a great company and it has been a real pleasure to walk together.
Path in the mountains forest
Continued on my own. Again the landscape shifted, followed the trail which now ran along a mountain edge, mostly through forest. After some hours I stopped and stayed the night at an unmanned hut.