Day 18: August 28th: From Refugi Vallferrera to Refugi Borda de Sorteny, entering Andorra

I left the refuge early. Just down at the stream, I surprisingly meet Marieke and Philipp again, the camped at the very same spot me and Christer stayed at in 2018. I was very glad to hear that they, all though freezing cold, had arrived safely in the storm to the Refuge Certascan I also understod that I still had made the right decision to turn back because there where others who needed to be resqued or suffered hypothermia.

We said goodbye in the belief that we would surely bump into each other during the day, but we only saw each other later in the evening, when we stayed at the same refuge.

Pla de boet, you can see Andorra mountains in the back
Pla de boet, with Andorra in the back
Mountain valley
Passing a valley me and Christer hiked in 2018
Port de Rat, entering Andorra
Entering Andora, leaving France at Port de Rat
Glass of white wine
I had some white wine at the refuge and enjoyed the view and some company of a Canadian hiking his last days.