Day 14: August 24th: From Clots de Bassiero to Refuge Enric Pujol

The weather can change quickly in the mountains. The warmth that had followed me so far suddenly disappeared this morning, from 30 degrees to cold wind and some rain.

Grey and cloudy
Mist in the mountains
Refuge Enric Pujol
I decided to stay the night in the unmanned shelter, Refuge Enric Pujol, place for nine people. Here I meet Philipp and Mareike, both from Germany and few other hikers and a dog, I unforunatly have forgoten all the others names. Despite the really bad weather, the stay was very pleasent. There were interesting encounters and a rich exchange of experiences, we talked about everything from hiking experiences, equipment, hiking food, choices in life, dumpster diving and food waste. We all were very happy to be inside, outside there were heavy wind, rain and later also heavy thunder.