Day 10-11: August 22st-23rd: From Planhòles dera Lòssa to Salardú/Viehla

We had a short walk of about 3 hours to Salardu. We sat down and had some coffee before heading to the Gite in the village. We had a nice and slow afternoon, and in the evening the gite served us a nice dinner with chicken.

Very flat area in the mountain
The wallpaper in our room with flowers and birds at the gite in Salardu
Our room at the gite
Goat cheese sandwich
Next morning we took the bus to Viela, our last day before Christer was to take the bus to Barcelona. I did some resupply for the next etapp at the well stocked supermarket in Viehla.
Happy Christer outside of REFU, a Microbrewery in Viehla
Happy Christer outside of REFU, a nice Microbrewery in Viehla
Christer waiting for the bus in Viehla
Christer on his way home, waiting for the early bus to Barcelona