Day 9: August 21st: From Lac de Rius to Planhòles dera Lòssa

Early morning, sunrise over lake
Early morning at Lac de Ruis

We went up at sunrise. Beutiful morning. A Pyrenean dog watched over us from a distance. We didn’t see any sheep but probably not far away. It was probably one of the dogs I heard during the night.

Christer getting ready to leave our camp spot at the lake
Christer getting ready to leave our camp spot at the lake
The lake Lac de Ruis in the morning light
At the end of the lake we took the wrong path, we didn’t discover our mistake until after an hour. Luckely the path we were following rejoined with HRP further on, so we didn’t have to turn back. Unfortunately we missed a few lakes but we still had a nice walk.

Later in the afternoon the weather changed, it looked like it was going to be thunder so we hurried to get further down. We were lucky, we left the bad weather behind us.

It was difficult to find a nice spot for the tent, a lot of cow shit everywhere. We finally found a spot close to a stream, quite far down, it turned out to be a little too far down. You should bivouac above 2000 meters and we were now around 1700. In the morning we were visited by a park guard. He was nice, but we still had to sign a piece of paper, not really clear what it ment but we might receive a payment claim by post.