Pyrenees 2017

The Pyrenees, July 2017

In July 2017 Christer and me made a week long hike in the Pyrenees. It was great to be back, last time was in 2009. We took a flight to Toulouse and before heading up in the mountains we bought some supplies like nice cheese and wine. We took the train to Tarascon-Sur-Ariege and then a nice guy at the ticket office helped us to call a taxi who could drive us to Auzat. From Auzat we started to walk 6 km to Marc. But we would strongly recommend not take a taxi a bit further up.

We had some really nice hiking days and the higher parts offered some really great views and panoramas. First part of the hike was a heavy climb for almost two days, untrained and hot sun wasn’t helping. Higher up there was still some snow left. During the hike found some really beautiful places to pitch our tent. The only refuge we stayed at was nice unstaffed place, where we meet a young couple and some wild horses. Our hike started in France and we also walked in Spain and Andorra. All our food was de-hydrated by ourselves accept for some mountain cheese and bread.

The only downside was that we where managed to pick the same days for our hike as the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord. For about two days the mountain was filled with runners.

Day 2

Day 2

The end of Day 2

My hiking pall and partner

Day 3: Great view, wrong top

Day 3. Christer resting on the top with one of the best views

3 day: Going downhill for the first time this hike

Day 3: Finally a spot, not the best one, I remembered a lot of mosquitos

Day 4: some nice climbing again

Day 4: Resting at a hut, meet some guys from US who was waiting for their hiking friends.

Day 4: Nice lake before a steep and stony climb

Day 4: Climbing

Day 4: Looking back

Day 4

Day 4: Lazy dinner. De-hydrated feta with paprika spread on bread

Day 5

Day 5: Walking on a ridge is always nice

Day 5: selfie

Day 5: Stop for the day, Refugi de l’Angonella (unstaffed)

Day 6: Slow day, walked up to a lake. Bad weather with strong wind. Never pitched a tent so perfectly.

Day 6: Some coocking, our new wood stove was not our best friend, a fire box nano. The stove is tiny and very light but we as we almost didn’t get any food some evenings. Our other wood stove have been much more reliable.

Day 6: Foggy morning and day. Leaving the lake

Nice views before the fog was all around us

Day 6: The fog is coming

Day 6: Last top was covered with fog

Day 6: On our way down. Hitched hiked down to Auzat and stayed the night there before heading to Toulouse.