Day 8: August 20th: From Estanyets de Cap de Llauset to Lac de Rius

Christer standing infront of an amazing early morning view with several mountains layers behind him.
Love the morning light. At the col there was nearly no wind.
Looking down at the lakes Estanyets de Cap d'Anglos from Collet dels Estanyets
The sun followed us down to the lakes at Estanyets de Cap d’Anglos from Collet dels Estanyets. Quiet and peaceful.
One of the lakes at Estanyets de Cap d'Anglos
One of the lakes at Estanyets de Cap d’Anglios. I really enjoyed this place and would have loved to stay longer. The refuge, Refugi d’Anglio, newly built and looked very nice. A place to remember and revisit one day.
Me (Anna) having a swim in one of the lakes
I had my first swim in one of the lakes, absolutely wonderful!

From there we made our way down through the forest and reached a big road. The sun was now baking hot. We decided to have lunch and siesta at the stream, Ribera de Conangles, before doing the last climb for the day.

Christer haveing a bath in a stream
Christer is having a bath in the ice cold stream
Christer in a rocky mountain landscape
Tent by a lake, clothes hanging to dry
We found a really nice tent spot for the night at the lake, Lac de Rius.