Day 30: 5 July, refuge de Moëde Anterne to Chamonix

The sun was shining when we woke up and the sky was blue. We had breakfast at the refuge, bread, jam and Corn Flakes.

The refuge in the morning

We walked down the valley, it was a nice walk, green and beautiful. We walked down to the river, crossed it and continued by climbing on the other side. It was quite easy in the beginning.

Looking back at the refuge from the other side of the valley

After a while it got more snowy and it became hard to stay on the trail, it was hidden in the snow and it became more and more steep. After a steep snowy, climbing we came up to a plateau on the top.

Anna and David walking on the top

We continued in the snow to col du  Brévent 2368m. The view was beautiful, we saw Mont Blanc glowing in the sunshine. We continued towards the highest top.

We had to climb on some metal ladders. It was not so difficult. The last part we climbed in the ski slopes to Le Brèvent 2525m. When we’d made it we were hot, tired and very happy! It was a exciting walk and we really enjoyed it.

We made it to the top, Le Brèvent 2525m. Anna, David and Ýrr, happy people posing in front of Mont Blanc

We stayed for a while at the top, took some pictures and looked at the beautiful view.

The view, Mont Blanc

The view

Then we took the cable car down to Chamonix. We had lunch at a restaurant. Davids cousin Rodorigo joined us, he had been waiting for David in Chamonix. After lunch we took farewell of David, his hiking holiday was over for now. We’d really enjoyed his company and we knew we would miss him. We went to the post office to pick up our poste restante package, bought a map for up comings days, went to a sport store and to a grocery store. After running all our errands we went to a camping, made dinner and slept!