Day 16: August 26th: From Cabana Guerossos to Tavascan

The storm continued the next day. My two spanish friends decided to head back to their car in the valley. We sad good bye. My first plan was to stay another night and wait for the weather to clear up, hopefully the following day would be better. But after some studing of the map I decided to walk back and down to the village Tavascan. From there I could return to HRP via another route and skip the bad weather around Certascan.

Floded stream
I had to cross several flooded streams.
A man made stone path on my way to Tavascan
The walk to Tavascan became rather pleasant as soon as I left the higher parts and the really bad weather behind me. The storm felt very distant down here.

I stayed the night in a hotel in Tavascan, had an awful lunch but I enjoyed beeing out of the storm.