Day 15: August 25th: From Refuge Enric Pujol to Cabana Guerossos

Philipp and Mareike leaving the refuge in the rain

No point getting up early this morning. The weather outside of the shelter was really bad. Rain and heavy wind. I left the refuge in the company of Mareike and Philipp, as we all was following the HRP. The weather was really bad, wet, cold and slippery. But we keept up a good mood on our way down.

Philipp in the rain in the village Noarre
Philipp in the rain in the silent village Noarre

Down in the village Noarre (1600 m) we started to ascend. I started to be quite wet; the membrane in my rather new rain jacket seems to have lost its function. The higher we got, the worse the weather got with strong cold wind and rain. We took a short break in Cabana Guerossos, an unmanned hut. Our goal was to continue to Refugi Certascan, about two hours from where we were. I hesitated but decided to join. But after 10 minutes I waved goodbye to Philipp and Mareike and turned back. It wouldn’t be wise to coninue climbing futher up the mountain in this weather, allready cold and wet. I better stay the night in the shelter I just left.

I shared the shelter with two really nice Spanish guys, who shared some hot meatballs in tomato sause with me. In the afternoon we could see that there was snow further up the mountain, we all hoped that Mareike and Philipp had made it safely to the refuge.

The storm continued to howl outside all through the night. The guys started a fire in the stove that keept us warm and also managed to dry all our wet clothes.

Cabin Guerossos
My shelter in the storm, stayed here for 24h, Cabin Guerossos