Day 8

Riffugio Vazzoler – Passo Duran

We woke up at six o’clock and left the rifuge two hours later, it was raining and we thought this would become a wet day, but very soon the weather changed and it turned into a nice and sunny day. We walked the first part in zick-zack along the mountain and then down in ravines and up and down and up… The rocks in the ravines where white almost like snow.


Looking back on the zick-zack road down from the Rif. Vazzoler

We sat down in one ravine and ate some Bulgur.


Anna eating lunch and looking at the map



Ýrr is camouflage

We continued walking for a couple of hours before we came to Rifugio Carestiato. Some people were sitting outside relaxing and eating lunch. It was around one o’clock, the sun was shining and it was really hot. We sat down for a while and had some peanuts. We would have liked to stay at this rifuge but we found it to early to stop for the day.  We decided to continue to Rif. Passo Duran. This day we kept on meeting two nice French guys that we had a couple breaks with and spoke to. They were sleeping in a tent, they were actually the only ones we met that had brought a tent.


Chatting, drinking and washing.

We arrived at Rif. Passo Duran around three o’clock in the afternoon. We were a little disappointed though the guidebook was so happy about this place but is was stationed by a asphalt road.

Oh well, it turned out to be a nice place despite the asphalt. We got a room with six beds for ourselves with a little porch outside. We washed our cloths, sat  down outside and looked at all the bikers on motorbikes or bicycles that stopped by.


Anna sitting on our ”porch” at rif. Passo Duran

We ate really salty food Spagetti Carbonara and meatballs with polenta. We drank red wine and giggled through the night.