Day 5

Rif. Nouvalou – Rif. Staulanza

Waking up at six o’clock to experience the sunrise seemed to be a great idea. It was so beautiful we almost got religious


The morning view outside our bedroom window

We made breakfast surrounded by the sunny mountaintops.


Making breakfast

We really enjoyed the early morning at this wonderful place. Ýrr did some yoga on the helicopter platform together with the girls that worked at the Rifuge.


Morning Yoga, welcoming the sun.

Taking the last look at the view 

We said goodbye to our Dutch friends and left around eight o’clock. The sun was shining and the view was clear. We walked down from the Rifuge and continued around the mountain enjoying the weather and the view.


Walking down to a new valley

We walked through a wonderful rocky landscape with a lot of remarkable rocks in different shapes. We had our second breakfast or early lunch around eleven o’clock.


A rock

Around two o’clock the weather started to change, it started raining. We were about to eat our lunch but we skipped it and continued walking. About an hour later we came to the Rifuge Cita di Fume, but unfortunately there were no free beds for us! The rain had stopped, we were hungry like dogs. We decided to cook some fresh pasta we had bought in Cortina. In the middle of the cooking process it started to rain again, quite hard but we finished the cooking in the rain. We ate the pasta and went inside to have a hot chocolate (that was more like hot chocolate pudding) while we were thinking of what to do. We decided to continue further down to Rif. Staulanza where we arrived around 5.30 pm really tired and wet.


The ski boots warmer, works as good in the summer as it does in the winter.

We didn’t really like Rif. Staulanza, it was by a road, quite big and more like a hotel than a Rif and the shower cost 4 euro. But we had some good food, Tagiatelli with deer.
The rain was poring down the whole night. We went to bed really tired and decided to take it easy the next day.