Day 4: August 16th: From Urdiceto power station to Barranco de Añescruzes (2080 m)

Christer hiking on a dirtroad in the mountain
Up early as usual and we decided to just grab a quick sandwich and instead stop and have a longer breakfast with tea and coffee when the sun started to warm us up.

Christer in the early morning light of the mountains
Christer in the early morning light
Eating lunch with our new friends Christopher and Alley
Around lunch time we run into Alley and Christoffer and we had really nice lunch with them at the camping El Forcallo. Unfortunatly this was the last time we saw each other. They had decided to stop for the night at the camping. We said good buy in the late afternoon and we continued to walk a couple of more hours.
The valley below refuge Viados
The valley below refuge Viados. We had a short break at the refuge, I have some great memories with Yrr from this place, as we stayed here a couple of nights in 2009.
Our tent at Barranco de Añescruzes (2080 m)
We continued our walk in scorching sun and I regretted the cold and nice beer I had at lunch. We found a nice camping spot at Barranco de Añescruzes (2080 m). We were still full after the heavy lunch so we didn’t make any warm dinner.
Barranco de Añescruzes (2080 m)
Amazing view at Barranco de Añescruzes (2080 m)