Day 34: 9 July Refuge de Presset – Landry

Anna made pancakes for breakfast in the refuge. Then we left down the valley, it was a nice, we enjoyed the walk the first hour down to Refuge de la Balme.

The mud from yesterday ( it was about to get worse)

Looking back at Refuge de Presset, lovely refuge!

Nice valley


We saw some Marmuths on the way.

A Marmuth and a Marmuth baby


We continued down, the track was on a road, in a forest and in the end of the day through villages. It was muddy and wet in the forest. We never like the walks that takes us down from the high tops to a village, specially not in the end.

Anna in field of flowers


We came to Landry early in the afternoon and went to the store to buy some food, we had plans on continuing but decided to stay at a small camping behind the store. We were bascally on our own in the camping. We made delicious food, fresh spicy sausages and pasta with pesto and cream.

Ýrr frying fresh local sausages


It rained and was thunder for a while, but we were saved from the water under a roof at the camping.