Day 33: 8 July, Refuge de plan Maia to refuge de Presset

The first part of the trail was really nice and easy, through green slopes with a slow climbing. Some parts was a bit muddy but the view was magnificent. In our back we had Mont Blanc.

At one place we left our backpacks and climbed an extra hill to get an even better view. Down below there was a lake and we still had a view over Mont Blanc.

If turn we we could see La Pierra menta, that looks like a tooth and can be recognized from 100 km distance.

We both where very tired this day. We have now walked for more than a month and we have not taken many rest day.

After climbing down into the valley we starting to turn up again. A heavy climb on rocky and muddy paths and in the end we climbed on snow. It felt as it never would end.

But we finally reached the top, col de Bresson at 2469 meter, with a rewarding nice view. from the top we could see the refuge de Passet, it had a great position and we decided to stay the night there. Hard to walk by the posibility to sleep on 2514 meter, not every day and the heighest point we ever sleept at.

The walk there was very muddy, snowy and slippery.

The refuge

The refuge was run by a family with two small kids and had a nice atmosphere. It had just opened and was totally renewed with a very tasteful design. Inside you could sit by a panorama window and you had a great view over the lake and the mountain behind it. At one point you could see a caravan of Chamois. It attract everyone at the refuge.

In the evening the weather changed from sun to rain and thunder.