Day 26: 1July Chesery – Samoens

The sun was shining outside when we woke up. The frozen lake and the mountain outside the gite looked beautiful.

 We climbed to the gap Portes de la Hiver 2096m and stopped for a while to enjoy the view and take some pictures. 

Anna taking a picture with her pinhole camera

We continued down the valley on a typical swiss path, broad and easy to walk on. We were walking in ski slopes with wonderful view, we stopped at  Ches Yoyo et jibi, a restaurant that sold cheese. The woman gave us several cheeses to taste and we ended up buying two kinds of delicious cheese, cow and goat. 

Delicious cheese!

We continued across the valley, there were several restaurants and a lot of water on the way. After a while we started to climb towards Col de Coux 1920m and back to France. New view and a new valley. 

Back in France at Cio de Coux

We walked down for a while before we sat down in the grass to have lunch. We dried our clothes and the tent in the sun. It was really hot. We continued going down before we climbed a little bit to Col de la Golése 1662m. There was a Gite that looked really nice. But it was to early to stop. We continued down, down, down.

Anna walking down

 It was tiering, mostly on a road and for the last hour and a half on a paved road. We were really tired when we arrived in Samoës 703m. We found the store and bought some food before we went to the camping. We made pasta pesto for dinner.