Day 25: 30 June, Les Crottes to Col de Chesery

We woke up and the sun was shining. It was a lovely morning with sun shining through the threes, the mist and there where rainbows.

We had breakfast and packed our things. At first we climbed up through the forest but soon we came up to an open landscape with grass. We continue to climb and soon the season changed from summer to spring with melting snow, grey grass, spring flowers and threes still with out any leaves.

Further up almost at the top, the trail was covered with snow and we had to climb around it as it was to risky to climb on it. It was a steep climb and we had to take it slow and careful.

At the top, Les Mattes 1939 meter, we sat down and had some nuts and cookies and looked at the view. Some clouds blocked the total view but we could sometimes caught a glimpse of the high mountains in the back.

We continued down, it was muddy and slippery so we had to walk carefully.

At a farmer house we had some bread and cheese. After lunch we continue on a road, slightly upwards and just before the refuge at the Col de Bassachauxe we had a more steep climb. It was a nice place but we decided to continue a bit further to the next refuge.

We walked through a ski-slope with a lot of bikers. Higher up the landscape changed and became more rough. The vegetation was almost none and there was still some snow. On some places the snow was covered with red sand, later we found out that it was sand from Sahara in Africa.

We reached the refuge, it was warm and friendly. Another hiker all ready sat there. We joined him with some warm tee that followed with a beer.

It was very peaceful at the refuge. It was only three guests and the host sitting together in the warm dinning room.

For dinner we had some soup, a robust but very nice lamb stew with macaroni and carrot salad and for dessert some chocolate pudding.