The Pyrenees 2010: Day 5

Goriz – Pineta

We got up early, we knew we had a long and difficult day ahead. We made breakfast, packed our stuff and started walking.


A sheperd taking a walk with his dogs


Last look at Odresa

After about half an hour walk we realized we were on the wrong track. We had to go back and find the right track, we lost about one hour! We met some Spanish people we had seen the day before. they didn’t speak English but they gave us a sip from their pocket flask.


We started by walking down a valley.


Walking down

Some parts were really steep. We came down to Fuen Blanca (1700 m), a beautiful valley where some people where camping. We had lunch, canned sardines and bread, before we started climbing. It was a tough climbing of 700 m. We met some people on the way going the other direction.


Looking down at Fuen Blanca

A fantastic view waited for us at the top Collade Aniscio (2453 m).


At the top looking down at Fuen Blanca on the one side and Pineta on the other.

Pineta (1300 m) the place we were on our way to was really far down in the valley. We got vertigo! We had some bread and sausage before we started descending.


Ýrr about to start the descending

It was really steep and difficult. Actually this was the most difficult part of the trip. We had been warned by the guide book and by people we met and we had been nervous the whole day. It was difficult but it was doable even for people like Ýrr that suffers from vertigo. We walked really slow and careful and concentrated us on following the marks. The top was worst, farther down it was more zig zag.


Standing up on a ”wall” looking down at Pineta

We were really pleased with ourselves that we managed the toughest part and we considered us done, Pineta seemed close now. We thought we had an hour more to do, but we were fooling ourselves. The track didn’t go straight down it lead us to the right along the mountain and into a forest with a rocky and difficult terrain. We were dead tired and grumpy, but we managed. It took us four hours. When we came down we had to take off our boots and wade the last part to the Refuge. We have no pictures from this afternoon since none of us thought about taking pictures, I guess we were to tired and to concentrated.

We ate dinner at the refuge and fell asleep!