The Pyrenees 2010: day 7

Parzan – Refugio Viados

We woke up early and made breakfast in our kitchen. We payed our room, thanked Marion and gave him the rest of our milk.


Marion and Anna outside Casa Marion.

We started walking along the highway, it was boring and we tried to hitchhike but there were no cars.


Parzan in the shadow of the mountain.

After a while the track turned of the highway and we started climbing. After some hours of climbing we came to a power plant and a lake. We had lunch and we bathed our feet.


Anna by the lake

We continued climbing to the top, Collata Chistau (2324 m).


walk, walk, walk…

There was a small house on the top, we rested a short while outside and enjoyed the view before we started walking down.


At the top

For a long time we couldn’t find any track marks and we thought maybe we were on the wrong track. We came to the bottom of the valley and started climbing, we were worried and grumpy. But finally we found a mark and figured we were on the right track and our mood became so much better. We were happy for a while but soon we started to get really tired. We could hardly lift our feet the last 1,5 km up to the refugio Viados (1780 m) . We hadn’t booked beds and it turned out it was fully booked! We sat down outside the refuge to catch our breath, digest the bad news and to think… what to do?! But then the girl who worked at the place came outside and said she would work it out somehow and gave us beds. I guess she saw how tired we were and felt sorry for us. We were really thankful and had a great evening at this wonderful place.

We had dinner noodle soup, beans with garlic, potatoes, meat and a peach for dessert. The rest of the evening we spent outside looking at a wonderful mountain constantly changing color as the sun went down.