The Pyrenees 2010: Day 15

Luz – Cauterets

We woke up 6.30 wanting to get an early start. We had just one more stage before reaching Cauterets, our last destination. It felt a bit sad. But it felt good to close the circle. Our idea was  to get back to the nice hiking store in Cauterets and try out the shoes we still couldn’t forget.

Unfortunately we got delayed because we didn’t find our way out of the village, a supposed short cut was a dead end and we had to turn back.

We past some nice villages. Both of them had Gites that would probably be nicer to stay at than in Luz, not that it was bad but staying in a smaller village higher up in the mountains is hard to beat.

We stopped at a café for a ice-cream and rested shortly to get a picture of our back backs together with the matching chairs.


Our backpacks taking a rest at a camping



The first part of the trail was really nice. The narrow old paths, surrounded by threes, like tunnels, reminded us of the year before hiking here in the Pyrenees. (you will soon be able to read more at this site about that hike). This special paths are quite typical for some parts of the Pyrenees.


After a while we came out of the ”tunnel” and the landscape was more open and soft shaped.


We came up to a ski resort, apart from the ski lift and the parking place, it was a nice place.


We continued upwards and we had the feeling, even though it was hard, we never wanted the climb to end as this was our last climb of this trip.


When we almost had reached the top it started to get foggy, we lost the nice view and we where not able to see anything from the top.


Standing at the last top of this trip

The first part of the down climb was really nice with a wide zig-zag trail. But after a while we came in to a rather boring wood and in the end we had to follow a smaller road. We speeded up as our plan was to make it to Cauterets before the stores closed.


Cauterets from above

We made it in time to the shop, we were both very happy and soon also happy owner of some really nice, cool shoes and good walking shoos when walking in the city.


Yrr’s (green) and Anna’s (turquoise) Scarpa shoes

We found a nice gite that had a big kitchen we could use. We put almost all the vegetables we had left to soak and went out to buy some wine and pasta. We made a super nice dinner. We sat outside in the garden for a while.  Before we went to bed we talked to our room mates, two French guys that were doing the whole GR10 .