The Pyrenees 2009: Day 8

Lescun – Etsaut

We woke up at seven o’clock.  We packed and left Lescun at 8.40.


We first walked down into the valley. When we had crossed the valley it started to go upwards. We walked rather fast as we knew it would be a hot day so we wanted to be able to take it slower in the middle of the day. The first part was mostly in the forest and it was a quite boring climb. There was a lot of flowers and we walked into Frank and Herman a couple of time.


We reached the top, Col de Barranca and we started to go downhill. We sat down under a three and had our lunch, a nice pasta salad.

At four o’clock we reached Borce, we sat down at the church while the clocks where ringing. It was unbearable hot. We looked in our guidebook after some gites and decided to pick one in the neighbour village, Etsaut. It was very close.

In Etsaut we found a spring where we cooled down by putting our heads under the running water and drank the well tasting cold water. We found a nice gite in an old stone house.


The gite in Etsaut

We shared room with an older man who was on his way home. He was following the GR10 from the Mediterranean Sea towards Hendaye. He lived in Biarritz which is close to the end of the GR10 trail.

We made a really nice dinner, pasta with mushroom cream sauce. We sat down to eat in the back yard of the gite. A little skinny cat came by. We both where very tired, we took a short walk and went early to bed.