The Pyrenees 2009: Day 4

Logibar – Ste-Engrâce

We woke up early! for the first time on this trip, all our tiredness and the pain we had the night before was gone. We were both full of energy and eager to get started.

We started to climb, it was a little steep and tiering but we were in a good mood.



After a long climb we made it to the top of the day. There were some cows looking at the beautiful view, who can blame them. We enjoyed the view for a while before we started walking down.




It was a long, beautiful and a various walk but it was really hard! Our knees were hurting and we wished we had brought hiking poles. This we have realized is necessary when hiking in the mountains. It saves your knees downhill and gives you extra stability.



It became a really long day and when we finally made it to the village Sainte Egrege we could hardly stand up! We asked a women that was working in her back yard for the way to the gite, she offered us a ride in her car. I guess she saw how tired we were. Luckily we said yes, since it was about 3 km to the gite. When we got out of the car the ”military” were sitting outside the gite having a beer. They asked us to join them and we did. We drank a couple of beers with them and talked, it was nice.


Later we put up our tent outside the gite and we cooked dinner Thai stew with cous cous. We got ready to go to sleep but before stepping into the tent we had one glas of red wine and talked about the upcoming day.