The Dolomites 2012: Day 14

Rifugio Treviso – Rifugio Passo Coreda

We woke up early, it was a beautiful morning the sun was shining. We were about to do our last day. We walked through the forest to to the top forcella d’Oltro. The last part was steep. This was our last top of this trip. We took a break at the top and enjoyed.

the view from Forcella d'Oltro

View from Forcella d’Oltro, thr Alta via 2 continues this way.


Forcella d'Oltro 2279 m

 Forcella d’Oltro 2094 m


Sign, Passo Cereda

Sign, Passo Cereda 2.40 h

Then we headed down and it was steep, like on the other side, in the beginning.

Walking down to Passo Cereda

Walking down to Passo Cereda

Then we turned left to a more horizontal path along the cliff-side. According to the guidebook this should be a beautiful walk with butterflies and nice view, but we didn’t really enjoy it, the weather changed, it started to rain. and it became foggy. Suddenly we came to this rocky landscape with huge rocks. after we passed those lime stone towers th path took us down to Passo Cereda.

Passo cerada

on the way to Passo Cerada

This was the end of our hike! We had lunch at Rifugio Passo Cereda. It was a big place with good food and a lot of people were having lunch. After lunch we started walking down the street hitchhiking. A nice gentleman stopped and took us to Fiera di Primero from where we took a bus to Feltre.
Feltre was full of men wearing Robin Hood hats, there were some hunting festival.



We took the train to Brescia where our dear friend Bruno cooked us delicious Sunday dinner. Ravioli with pumpkin! a lovely end of our wonderful hiking trip. After a couple of days in Brescia we took the train to Umbria, but that is another story!