Skåneleden: Brösarp-Agusa; Agusa-Verkasjö; Verkasjön-Heinge; Heinge-Lövestads åsar

Bild från Skåneleden

Summer 2016 Christer and I (Anna) made a two days hike on the Skåneleden, a nice trail system in our neighborhood, 1000 kilometers divided into five separate trails, with 89 sections.

We took an early bus to Brösarp and started our hike at 10. The weather was really nice,  cloudy with some sun breaking through from time to time, perfect for walking.

The landscape was very skiftning, we followed the path threw moorland, pine and beech forests, cow/sheep fields. On our way we picked a lot of raspberry and mushrooms, like cantarells, boletus and some hedgehog fungus.

The first day we walked 18th km to the end of the section, Agusa. There was a nice campsite with a wind shelter with several campfire places. We understood that this was a popular place so we decided to save the space in the shelter for somebody else and set up our tent. That turned out to be a good choice, as it came quite a lot of people to the site and the girls that slept in the shelter came late and they where probably happy to stay they and we got some privacy.

We cooked some really nice food with the mushroom we picked earlier. Our wood stove is really fast so the dinner was ready in no time. Before heading to bed we ate some candy accompanied with whiskey and staired into the campfire.

We woke up rather early and made some nice breakfast, Christer oatmeal and I mine and Yrr’s speciality: hot apple and cinnamon soup with musli. We both added some extra dried strawberries. We packed our things and we where ready to start close to ten.