The Pyrenees 2010: Day 1

Cauterets – Graube

We woke up at Hotel Cesar in Cauterets France and went shopping for food. We also stopped by a nice sport store where Ýrr bought a knife and we saw some nice shoes we would have liked to buy but of course we couldn’t do that, we had everything we needed for a two weeks hike (more about those shoes later).  Our plan was to take a bus to Pont d Espagne but it turned out we would’ve had to wait for two hours which we didn’t have patience to do. We decided to hitchhike.  A guy picked us up and drove us to our destination even though it was a extra drive for him. The sun was shining and we started climbing up to La’c de Gaube, a beautiful lake and of course cold as ice.


Ýrr by Lac de Graube

We had lunch and rested for a while before we continued. The sun was shining and it was hot. The mountain we climbed was quite steep.


We arrived at Refuge des Outlettes de Graube (2151 m) around four thirty. We took a beer in the sun while waiting for the food. This gite was nice as the surroundings but the food was not really impressive. Dishwater soup as a starter, followed by a sausage casserole then cheese and finally lemon pudding. The cheese was good! the rest was eatable. After dinner we sat outside for a while and enjoyed the view. We were really tired and went to bed at nine o’clock .


Refuge des Outlettes de Graube