Day 81: 1 September, Capanna Scaletta to Campo Blenio (last day)

My last day of hiking, our long three-month hike had come to an end also for me. The evening before, I had a strange feeling of being tired both in my whole body and also in my mind, tiredness I had not felt before on this hike, like I was ready to go home.

Morning view at Capanna Scaletta

Last morning in the moutains

We decided to have a slow but short walk this day. Actually just a walk down to the car, a two hours walk. We ate some breakfast, the two other girls they where really pist about the noisy group as they have not been able to sleep.

The morning was really cold, so we had to start wearing both a wool sweater and the raincoat to protect us from the wind. But the sun was shining so rather soon it started to warm us up.


Anna in the mountains

A happy Anna

We walked slowly downwards, looking at Marmots. Further down we past a farmers house where I bought some alp cheese to bring home with me. By noon Claudia and I reached the car.


Last image, time to go home!

Last image, time to go home!

Here mine and Yrrs story about the three-month hike we did together in summer 2013 ends. It has been a great walk with a lot of nice and exciting memories.

We all ready have some future hiking plans in our minds. More to come on this soon.

Thanks for following us!

Anna and Yrr



Yrr and Anna

Yrr and Anna