Day 78: 28 August, Villanova to Ghigo

I went up very early, at 6.20, My plan was to start walking at seven. This was my last day alone. Claudia and I didn’t find a way for her to join me in the Italian alps so I decided to visit her for a few days of hike in the Swiss alps instead, before heading home. 

The morning was crispy cold with blue sky. The climb started threw hassle forest but soon I came up to an open and green landscape. I past several old farmer houses on my way to the top. Half way I took a break and eat an apple, The last one I got as gift at Barant. 

After three hours I reached the top, Colle Giulian. It felt a bit strange, this was my last col in the Italian alps, at least for this time. My three mounth hike had started to come to an end. I ate some lunch, pasta with pesto before starting my climb down to Ghigo. 

My last col in Italy 

I reached the village at one a clock, long before my planed arrival. It was good as I could take a much earlier bus, I had a long journey in front of me. 

At 14 I took a bus to Torino and from there a train via Milan before I reached Lugano at 21.30. Claudia picked me up at the station and she drove me home to her lovely house up in the mountains. We had tea and a salad and talked about what have happen since Menton.