Day 60: 4 August, Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée to Lac Long

Hot sunny day with only climbing,from 496 m to 2395 m. We woke up early since we wanted to climb up to Rimplas (1016m) before it got to hot. It was over 500 m quite steep climb. We walked through the village before we started climbing. It was mostly in a forest in the beginning. We walked fast, suddenly we heard a noise in the forest and saw a big wild boar running. We continued walking along a huge red cliffside that was filled with herbs like lavender and fennel. Then we walked along a yellow cliffside. 

Red and yellow cliff sides alomst in Rimpla

We reached Rimplas before the sun reached us. We continued walking along the valley, it was nice really green. 

We walked down a little before we climbed again and after about an hour we reached the next village La Boline. The sun was shining and we were soaking wet of sweat. We were about to sit down on a bench in the shadow when a car stopped and a nice lady asked us if we wanted a lift to St Dalmas. We jumped into the car that had air condition and saved almost an hour of energy for the afternoon. We stayed in St Dalmas for about two hours, shoping food and eating lunch. We met Claudia when we were about to sit down for lunch. she joined us. We had bread and sardines with lemon and basilican and a tomato for lunch. 

Anna,Ýrr and Claudia eating lunch in St Dalmas

We had bought cakes in the bakery for desert, luxury! 


After lunch we took farewell of Claudia for now, she was taking another track to Menton than we were. We also took farewell of the GR5 that was continuing to Nice and entered GR52 that would lead us Menton.  We filled up with water and started climbing and we climbed the whole afternoon in the heat. We walked quite slow and took a view breaks and and let our feet breath. When we after about three hours of climbing came to col de Veillos (2194 m) we were hungry again and ate some bread and cheese before we continued towards Col du Barn. We stopped at Lac Long(2395m) were we found a place for our tent. 

Our home at Lac Long

I (Ýrr) went for a swim in the lake, it was wonderful after this hot and sweaty day. The water was quite warm. We washed ourselves and our cloths before we made dinner. It was a lovely night in a lovely place.


Beautiful view

When it got dark we were already at sleep.