Day 58: 2 August Roya to refuge de Longon

Hot and sunny day, clear blue sky. 

We left the refuge together with Claudia and walked into a valley there was about three and an half hour of climbing to col du Crousette (2480 m). In the beginning we walked along a river in a forest. After a couple of hours we came to a shelter, we took a break in the shadow. Later we walked in an open area and passed another shelter and we saw goats and sheep. It got really stoney close to the top. We were really hot when we came to col du Crousette. It was a little windy on the top, nice!

 We took a break ate lunch and relaxed. When we continued by walking along a mountain a lot of big eagle like birds crossed the valley right above us. It was amazing to see.  We continued for about one and an half hour to Col des Moulines (1982m). It was a wonderful walk with great view.

 After the col we walked down to a river, we were out of water and took some water from the river and putted in a tablet to be on the safe side. We climbed up again zigzagging along the river and a small waterfall. We came to a flat open grass area. We walked with Claudia to the Refuge de Longon and had a cold beer. We had been told we could buy cheese and milk at the refuge, we had looked forward to that, but that was not possible. They made cheese but they didn’t want to sell it to us. We were disappointed.  We left the Refuge and took farewell of  Claudia, we had had a really nice day together.. We putted up our tent about 100 meters away in a ruin.

 We washed our selves and our cloths in the river. We had three dishes dinner: instant mushroom soup ( varma koppen) for a starter, followed by  lentils with smoked sausage  and for desert we had mint chocolate. It was warm until the sun went down and when the sun goes down we crawl into our sleeping-bags.