Day 50: 25 July, Chalets de Vers le col to Chateau Queyras

We woke up early, before the sun reached us over the mountains. It was still a little cold. We started to make breakfast but the gas ran out right before the water started boiling, no coffee or tee this morning only müsli with milk. We climbed up to the top Col des Ayes 2547m. It was cold and fresh in the beginning but when we got closer to the top the sun reached us. The view was beautiful in all directions, we stopped for a while and enjoyed before we walked down on the other side.


There was a little bit of snow on the top. It got warmer and warmer the farther down we got. We met quite a lot of day walkers on their way up to the top. We also saw some climbers climbing up a huge mountain-wall.  We passed a camping in the woods, it looked cosy. We borrowed the toilette, but when we came out we met an angry woman that told us the toilets where only for camping guests and pointed at a sign in french. I offered to pay but she decided just to continue being angry. We continued down to the small village Brunissard, by the time we got there it was almost noon and it was really hot!  Considering to the guidebook there was supposed to be a bus to Chateau Queyras. We decided to take it because we didn’t want to walk in the valley in the heat. But the bus didn’t go on Thursdays. We started walking my feet boiled, we stopped and hitchhiked.  Pretty soon a car stopped and a young couple, climbers, picked us up and took us to our destination Chateau Queyras. The village with a the chateau, was really beautiful. We walked through it down to the camping in the end of the village.

The chateau

After we putted up our tent we washed our clothes and ourselves, after two nights of free camping we were really longing for hot water! We relaxed outside the tent while our clothes were drying.

We went to a restaurant, that serwed local dishes, for dinner. It tasted delicious!