Day 37: 12 July, Val d’isere

Rest day and arrival day for Christer (Annas boyfriend). Yrr went skiing in the morning and I took a slow morning in the sun and updated the blog. Yrr had a great ski, she had the whole slope all most by her self.

At noon we join to make some washing together in a landry. We dried the clothes in the sun outside while making some errands. We tried to find some gas to our stove, which seemed impossible. But we found it after long time off searching.

We also had some problems with the post office, it turned out that they didn’t have open on Saturdays. So our plan to repack our parcel with some supplies from Christer and send it further the next day failed.

In the evening Christer arrived. Yrr made some pasta and we had some beer with Swedish herring with Knäckebröd that Christer had brought with him. It tasted delicious.

Christer and Anna