Day 30: September 8: Col des Terrers to Banyul Sur Mer

Sunrise in the mountain, above the clouds
Last morning in the mountains, started with a beautiful sunrise above the cloudes
sunrise in the mountain
The clouds covered the view of the sea, still, a very pleasent morning.
Clear leveled path in the mountains
The further down I get, the more the clouds disperse
Dirt road
Vineyards close to Banyuls sur mer
I pass several vineyards the closer I get to Banyuls sur Mer
Winemakers in Banyuls sur Mer
Arriving to Banyls sur Mer. Passing some buisy winemakers, cleaning their barrels. The entire street smells of wine.
The stony beach of Banyls sur Mer with my backpack, shoes and walking sticks
I have reached the final destination, an indescribably fantastic wonderful feeling to have made it all the way from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, although I had to devide the hike in two parts. I dive into the sea, a refreshing and rewarding swim.