Day 3: Gertrudstjärnarna – south end of Långfjället

The warm sun on the tent woke us up. We made breakfast and packed our things. It was time for us to leave the nice lakes. We started to cross the valley towards Långfjället. It was marshy ground and we often had to turn back and find a new way to avoid getting to wet.

Christer with the Långfjället in the back

Christer with the Långfjället in the back

On the other side we turn south and walked along the långfjället. We walked by some lakes. At some places we had to cross some snow. A more easy way would probably had been to cross the valley further south than we did.

We came to a reindeer pen and right after that we sat down for a break in the sun. We had lunch, some nice left overs from the dinner last night. We had a great new view with the Svaalegobpe down below us and the mountain top Snjåhka which we planed to climb the next day if the weather was clear.

Rheindeer pen

Reindeer pen

We continued and came by a sami goahti (kåta in Swedish) and just below we found a perfect nice place for a tent and we decided to stop for the day.

We took a walk to round the Långfjället så get a view of the other side. We also looked for a good place to climb up the Långfjället as our plan was to walk on the ridge on our wake back.

Anna drinking water from a stream

Anna drinking water

It was really hot so we turn back and had a lacy rest in the shadow of the hut.

When it got cooler we raised our tent and made some bread and supper at the stream close by the tent. Vegetables couscous with some ready made garam masala mix. Simple and a lot more spicy than expected.

We eat some chocolate and frieze dried raspberries and drank some whiskey. We sat in the tent, planed the next day and looked at the nice view. On one side we had a really nice view over the high mountain tops in Norway.

The sun going down behind the mountains in Norway

The sun going down behind the mountains in Norway

The route of the day

Day route