Day 10

Rifugio Pian De Fotana -La Pissa – Belluno

When the alarm went of it was still poring down outside, we slept for one more hour and then the rain had stopped. We got up and made breakfast outside the rifuge and said bye to everybody when they left.



We were the last ones to leave the place. We had to take an alternative track since the main track is a really difficult one and you need some climbing equipment. The track we chose led us to La Pissa down by the road and from there we were supposed to take a bus according to the guide book. We walked down most of the time. After a little more than two hours we came to Rif. Bianchet, we sat down outside were some of the people we had said bye to earlier this morning were sitting. We bought the first and the last Fanta of the trip. It tasted delicious, it’s unbelievable how good soda tastes in the mountains, it’s dangerously delicious. We made some soup with vegetables for lunch. We left with the hope that we would be able to catch a bus from La Pissa at one o’clock. We walked down a beautiful dirt road in a valley that looked a little different from the other valleys we had walked in.



We had started the day at 1632 m and we ended the walk of Alta Via one at La Pissa 453m.


Taking the last step of Alta Via 1 together

When we finally came down to the road we realized we had just missed the bus! We decided to hitchhike, we stood with our thumbs up in the air when a black Landrover with a couple and two dogs stopped and offered us a lift. They were not going all the way to Belluno but these nice people took us there anyway. When we were walking around the town looking for tourist information and a place to sleep, we ran into Renate and her daughter Mari the Germans we had met in the beginning of our trip.  They recommended this new Bed and Breakfast that were owned by the son of the owner of Rifugio Bianchet we had passed earlier up in the mountains. We walked there and got a really nice bedroom with nice view and it was new and fresh. Outside there was big porch. There were only three bedrooms at this place, Renate and Marie had one room, Jenny and John a couple from Wales we also had ran into in the mountains were also staying at this place. We all decided to go out together and have a pizza in the evening. It was a nice evening with a lot of talking about mountains and hiking.


At the pizza place with John, Anna, Renate, Marie and Jennie (Ýrr is busy taking this picture)

We all went to bed before ten o’clock as we were used to.