The Pyrenees 2009: Day 10

Lacs d’Ayous– Gabas

We woke up to the sound of bells, looking out we realized we where surrounded by cows. They seemed harmless and didn’t pay any tension to us. We wot up and made some breakfast. We agreed not to stress, we didn’t mind staying at this nice place a little longer. Frank and Herman left about 1-2 hours before us.


We started to walk along the lake. At the end of the lake the track continued down and we past another lake. On our way we met alot of day hikers on their way up to visit the Lacs d’Ayous.


The lake below Lacs d’Ayous


We came down to a valley. It was hot, and when we past a lake we took a refreshing bath. This was the first lake that wasn’t to cold.

We rested for a while in the sun and ate some snacks.


In this lake we took a refreshing swim.

We followed a asphalted road until we reached Gabas. We where hungry and managed to get a big salad in a restaurant even though lunch time had past. We saved the leftovers for later.

The weather changed and we decided to stay at the gite in Gabas, as the next etape was suppose to be quite tough. Our idea was to have one lasy day before a tough day.

We visited a small chapel and bought some cheese at a bar before we went to the gite.


A little chapel in Gabas

The gite was nice and peaceful,  it had a summer house feeling. We where lucky and got a big room for our selves. We washed some clothes  and took a long nice nap.

We ate some dinner and had a shy French guy at our table. He was a teacher. We ate soup, stew from the Basque and some cake.

We went to bed early, a little worried about what kind of weather it would be the next day. If it was to be bad there was a big risk that we would have to wait another day.