The Dolomites 2012: Day 6

Selva – Rifugio Cavazza / Pisciadu (2587m)

We took the Dantercepies cable car to the top and walked down to hotel Cir. We were a little unsure about the  weather, but after a cup of coffee we decided to continue. According to the map and the guidebook we were about to do the first via ferrata, I had been so nervous about this since the beginning of the trip. But we found a alternative way on the map. It was longer, but no via ferrata! We decided to take the alternative. I was so relieved! We walked along the mountainside towards Corvara, after about a hour we turned into a beautiful valley.


Rocky valley above Corvara

Rocky valley

We really enjoyed this walk, this rocky valley. But it became more and more steep and we didn’t see the top. Suddenly there was like a wall in front of us, with wires! The map had fooled us, the only way up was through this via ferrata and it looked terrible if you ask me. Even Heiða became a little worried, but she is a tough girl and she went up! Then she came back, took my backpack and I took the wire. I was scarred as hell, but I took it really slowly with Heiða right behind me. I was happy for the gloves she bought me and for the rope and hook she had forced me to buy. The fact that I could hook me in wire made the whole thing doable. The thought that I wouldn’t fell down and die if something went wrong helped my from panicking. And I did it! I had outdone myself for the first time on this trip, it was satisfying.


me smiling after doing my first via ferrata

Smiling after my first via ferrata!

Heiða dancing in the mountains

Heiða dancing in the mountains

When we came to the Rifugio we had a big beer!

Rifugio Cavazza / Pisciadu

Rifugio Cavazza / Pisciadu

Me drinking beer outside the rifugio

Propably one of the best beers I’ve ever had!

It was Saturday night, and the rifugio was full of big groups on weekend trips. It was probably the most tiering night we had on this trip, but fortunately we got our own room to sleep in.

window view

A room with a view

The view from the rifuge was stunning! It was really worth the effort to come up here!